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Charles Dekeukeleire (1905-1971)


Ostend, 1928. Henri Storck presents the first two films of Charles Dekeukeleire, two years his senior, to the Cinema Club.

Impatience (Impatience) is roundly heckled. Storck visits Dekeukeleire in Brussels; it is the beginning of a long friendship. Over the years the two men champion the burgeoning Belgian cinema in diverse professional associations.

Combat de boxe (Boxing Match) (1927) was distinguished by a formal experimentation which immediately caught the attention of film lovers. With Visions de Lourdes (Visions of Lourdes) (1932) the filmmaker began a tradition of sociologically inspired critical documentary.

Finally, with Le Mauvais oeil (The Evil Eye) (1937), Charles Dekeukeleire played a pioneering role in Belgian feature films.