Energy and You

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It was on the initiative of Félix Labisse that Henri Storck was charged with this commission.

The idea was to make a film of stock shots on the theme of energy and stage this argument through the life of a family carrying on their normal lives: shaving, ironing, hoovering, using a hammer-drill, etc. In Turin, on four screens in the form of a cross, there was five minutes of synchronous montage of these images that played on shape, movement and aesthetic effects.

Director : Henri Storck

Idea : Henri Storck, Félix Labisse, Philippe Arthuys

Music, sound effects, editing : Philippe Arthuys

Camera : Jean Rabier

Inserts of films by Bert Haanstra, Herman Van der Horst (the Netherlands), Emile Degelin (Belgium), Roger Leenhardt (France)

Production : CEP

Commissioned film : European Economic Community, for the International Exhibition on Work in Turin, projection on four screens in the shape of a cross.


35mm/colour/20′ (5 minutes projected on the four screens)/1961