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Misery in the Borinage (Misère au Borinage). Price 19 €

Misère au Borinage, which Henri Storck co-directed with Joris Ivens in 1933, has become a classic of the ‘cinema of reality’ with which he was most closely associated.

In 1937 he made Les maisons de la misère, denouncing slum housing in the same pamphleteering style, and in 1938 Le patron est mort, an account of the funeral of Emile Vandervelde, leader of the Belgian Labour Party.Misère au Borinage is the second of 4 titles in the Henri Storck collection



This shop item contains two discs: one DVD and one Blu-ray disc.


Misery in the Borinage (Misère au Borinage)
1933 / 27 min

Houses of Poverty (Les maisons de la misère)
1937 / 28 min

The Boss is Dead (Le patron est mort)
1938 / 28 min


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1 DVD + 1 Blu-ray
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