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Images d’Ostende.

Henri Storck (Ostend 1907 – Brussels 1999) lived through the whole history of cinema, passing from silent to sound, and from experimental to commercial films. He is recognised as a pioneer of Belgian cinema and a key figure in documentary. An eyewitness of his times, he made socially engaged films, but also poetic and experimental short films, films on art and a fiction feature. His body of work consists of 70 films, including a series of accounts, presented on this DVD, on his native city of Ostend of which he was the chronicler and which remained, for him, the Queen of beaches.

Images d’Ostende is the first of 4 titles in the Henri Storck collection


This shop item contains two discs: one DVD and one Blu-ray disc.
Scenes of Ostend (Images d’Ostende)
1929-30 / 11 min
Herring Fishers (Une pêche au hareng)
1930 / 13 min
Pleasure Trips (Trains de plaisir)
1930 / 6 min
Romance on the Beach (Une idylle à la plage)
1931 / 23 min
Ostend, Queen of Seaside Resorts (Ostende, reine des plages)
1931 / 11 min
Summer by the Sea (Les jeux de l’été et de la mer)
1936 / 12 min
Holidays (Vacances)
1938 / 10 min
Ostend 1930 (Ostende 1930)
2004 / 11 min

Technical info

1 DVD + 1 Blu-ray
All regions / 97 min.
Languages French, Dutch
Subtitles Dutch, English