December, Children’s Month

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December and the festivities experienced by the children of five European countries. There are those who believe in Saint Nicholas; those who place their little shoes in front of the fireplace and those who hang their stockings at the end of the bed; those who hang bunches of holly and mistletoe and those who fear the visit of the terrible Bogeyman; those who pray before the crib and those who build a bonfire.

This overview of children’s festivities is linked to both pagan traditions for the winter solstice and the religious ceremonies of the Nativity. Also important here, is the ethnological interest of the customs which are gradually losing ground, or which are no longer so bewitching for the children. This film managed to capture their joy and fear, their expectations and their bedazzlement.


Director : Henri Storck

Assistant Director : Louis Boogaerts£

Co-director for Great Britain : Winifred Holmes

Script : Henri Storck based on an idea by Georges Franju and René Barjavel

French text : Charles Dorat spoken by Michel Gudin

English text : John Maddison spoken by Franck Hawkins

Dutch text : Max Dendermonde, spoken by Wim Povel

Camera : André Bac, Reginald Cavender, Pim Heytman, Frans Dupont, Wim Gerdes, Hattum Hoving

Editing : Henri Storck

Music : Juriaan Andriessen

Production : Information service for the Netherlands, The Hague (Rijksvoolichtingsdienst)

Director of production : S.I. van Nooten

Commissioned film : Western European Union


Dutch version entitled December maand van het kind. English version entitled December, children’s month.


35mm/colour (Eastmancolor)/21’30″/1956


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