Public Enemy

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A short fiction film to warn of the dangers of tuberculosis and the necessity of having it treated as soon as the symptoms appear.

A good linotype worker cannot shake off a bad cough and a slight fever. Despite the warnings from his wife, he refuses to get treatment (family scene around a pan of soup). A work mate forces him to get treatment. A good doctor, a good social assistant, a good sanatorium, a good summer camp for his daughter and the villainous germ is defeated. It was time to come, but not too late says the white-coated doctor. This little story is a pretext to provide information and the dialogues are purely for demonstrative and educational purposes. There remains an old-fashioned charm in the paternalism and the memory of an illness that decimated several generations. Effective and naïve, without pretensions, this film is a document of popular education.


Technical direction : Henri Storck

Script and dialogue : Marc Carghèse

Camerawork : Asselin, Charles Lengnich and Marius Mahieu

Music : André Souris

Sound : Richard Eliot

Actors : Fernand Piette, Marion Chevolet, Marcel Josz, Olga Ugare

Production : CEP

Director of Production : R.G. Le Vaux


Documentary fiction


Film commissioned by the National league for protection against tuberculosis.


35mm/B and W/15’/1937


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