The Belgians and the Sea

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This film is now only the shadow of a film. It is completely faded and all the images have turned a uniform reddish-brown.

The filming was done in Antwerp, Matadi, Santos, Buenos Aires. The film was intended to show the port and commercial activity of Belgium, its place on the international markets, its transport of goods, in short, to bring to the fore its economic dynamism. The commentary is omnipresent and hagiographic and the colours have disappeared. A few remarkable scenes: the transport of bananas, the harvesting of coffee, the gauchos and the herds…


Director : Henri Storck

Camera : François Rents and Fernand Tack

Text : Jean Raine

Voice : Henri Billen

Music : Célestin Deliège directed by André Souris

Filming in Africa, Brazil and Argentina

Inspired by the book by Henri de Vos and Ch. Bronne Les Belges et la mer

Production : CEP

Film commissioned by the Maritime Propaganda Committee.


Dutch version entitled Welstand wil varen


35mm/colour (Gevacolor)/15’/1954


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