The Painter’s Song

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The film looks at a technique perfected by Paul Haesaerts: that of painting on a transparent surface, a technique that was used by Clouzot and allowed the filmmaker to enter into the creative process, to record the painter’s gestures, to follow his strokes, his hesitations, in short to be present at the birth of a painting. The text (a poem, as in Le monde de Paul Delvaux) and the music occupy a privileged position.

There is no commentary. All these innovative film choices experimented by Storck and Haesaerts are here used to serve Moussia and Arthur Haulot.


Director : Henri Storck

Poem : Arthur Haulot

Paintings : Moussia Haulot

Camera : Charles Van Damme and Pierre Denayer

Make-up : Claudine Thyrion

Music : Michel Rorive

Voice : Dolores Oscari

Continuity girl : Marie Noëlle Zurstrassen

Production : Resobel (Paul Louyet and Monique Moinet)




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