La fée sanguinaire

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1968, 16 mm, noir et blanc, 24 min

Directorr : Roland Lethem
Script : oland Lethem
Pictures : Claude Neckel
Mounting : Jean-Marie Buchet
Music : Paul Lambert
Producer : Natacha Schinski
Acting : To Katinaki, Pierre Lampe,Marie-Louise Duparc,Jio Berk


Despite its radical assertions, La Fée Sanguinaire has some restraint, most noticably in its narrative mode – the fairy-tale. The film even begins ‘once upon a time…’ Yet, paradoxically, that restraint, which is really a presumed distantiation, allows Lethem to over-state his case without ridicule – his extremism is all the more convincing.

Mike Wallington, “Roland Lethem : la fée sanguinaire”, cinéma n°8