La ballade des amants maudits

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1966, 16 mm, black and white, 11 min

Director : Roland Lethem
Script : Roland Lethem
Pictures : Claude Neckel
Mounting : Jean-Marie Buchet
Music : Jean-Louis Lefèvre
Producer : Natacha Schinski
Acting : Chris Leder, Sybell Wilde, Luiz de Holanda


Yet Lethem understands that the discrepancy between conception and execution, between the film he would like to have made and the one he is forced to make outside the commercial system, can be overcome by a conscious bathos.The idea which the film ‘converts’ into images is so extreme, convulsive and disturbing that the satirical treatment almost work. 

Mike Wallington, “Roland Lethem : La ballade des amants maudits”, cinéma n°8