Le sexe enragé

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1969, 16 mm, colour, 21 min


Director: Roland Lethem
Script : Roland Lethem
Pictures : Claude Neckel
Mounting : Jean-Marie Buchet
Producer : Natacha Schinski
Acting : To Katinaki, Noel Godin, Roger Clermont, Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, Monica Swinn, Raphaël Marongiu, André Leborgne, Jio Berk


Le Sexe Enragé, then, presupposes that the bourgeois are damned and damnable it has even less analysis of the symptoms of reactionary values than la Fée Sanguinaire but it is a more successful film because it gives an analogical diagnosis and then sets out to verify that diagnosis in purely cinematic terms. 

Mike Wallington, “Roland Lethem : La ballade des amants maudits”, cinéma n°8