6000 habitants

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This is the story of 80 hectares (approximately 200 acres) of land, belonging to a commune, where men, women and children could live happily .

The burgomaster wants to build, breaking completely with tradition. He wants to plan the last remaining free space in the commune according to the new social town planning conceptions, but his project is considered too revolutionary, He comes up against the opposition of the maiority of his Council. He has to fight a tough campaign to win them over.


1958, 35 mm -black and white , 18 minutes.

Director: luc de Heusch
Script : Luc de Heusch and Jacques Delcorde
General adviser : Victor Bure
Director of photography : Oleg Tourjansky
With the participation of : Marcel Branken, Paule Breval, Gaston Dupray, Pierre Gilmar, Vandéric, Edgar Willy. René Hainaux, Marcel Josz, Albert Lepage. Paul Roland, Raymonde Sartène. Arlette Schreiber

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