Mealtime Gestures

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This film is a mirror, reflecting a man eating, It [orms a portrait dependent on a sort of satirical ethrtograph.y, The 
shooting deliberately gives il a fiction style, without sacrificing the truthfulness of the document in any way.
The general purpose is associated with the ever youthful hope of Jean Vigo: « The goal will be reached if one suceeds in revealing the reason hidden behind a gesture, in extracting the inner beauty or character from a merely banal person, if one succeeds in revealing the spirit of a community from one of tliese purely physical manifestations »,


1958. 35 mm., black and white, 23′.


Director : Luc de Heusch
Script : Luc de Heusch and Jacques Delcorde
Director of photography : Charles Abel
Accidental music : Benoit Quersin 
with the assistance of: Gaston Clément, Germaine Duclos, Jacqueline Geernaert, Jean-Christophe Geluck, René Valenduc
Voice of : Paul Anrieu and Dario Moreno « Amis du Plaisir » Dramatic Socet y and  the participation of : the « Sainte Cécile » Brass Band
Produced for the Ministry of National Education Film Service
Adjudications/ Special Prize, Tours 1958 .
Grand Prix for short fiction films. 
Belgian Film Festival. Antwerp. 1958
Silver Medal at the Peoples’ Festival. Florence. 1959 .
Diploma of the Educational Film Festival. Tokyo. 1959


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