Thursday We Shall Sing Like Sunday

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The trials and tribulations of a bus driver (Bernard Fresson) who, tired of ferrying workers to the factory from the suburbs of Liège and its outlying villages, aspires to become self-employed.When a strike breaks out, he pays dearly for his independence.

A sociological portrait of the so-called consumer society.


1967. 35 mm., black and white, 90′


Original Title : « Jeudi on chantera comme dimanche

Director : Luc de Heusch
Script : Luc de Heusch. Hugo Claus, Jacques Delcorde

Camera: Claude Gabriels

Editing: Sylvie Blanc

Voice of: Nery Lefèvre and Jacques Delcorde
Assistant Producer : Henri Storck

Franco-Belgian coproduction (les films de l’Hermine, Paris -les films de la Toisor d’Or -Brussels).

Cast : Marie-France Bover-. Bernard Fras. 
Son. Etienne Bierry, Raymond Aveniere, Francis Lax. Francine Durieu. Françoise Vatel, Jean Bovis. Hervé Jolly, Liliane Vincent



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