Susannah at her Bath

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Henri Storck admits that he does not remember much about this film. He had seen the film of the Russian who used the technique of animated objects and wanted to use it to tell stories. He had an old Ernemann camera that allowed him to film stop motion photography. He had bought some rather vulgar dolls and toys in the bazaars of Ostend. The figures were nude and had an erotic and sensual dimension.

I had great fun. Sometimes I wouldn’t sleep for three nights in a row. I kept going on alcohol. I had a bed in this marvellous studio in rue Longue and sometimes I wasn’t alone there. When I invited people I would say, it’s at the end of the corridor next to “La Pantoufle”, a popular bar that everyone knew. A year later I opened a big cupboard to find it full of empty bottles… a souvenir of that fever and tension.


Directed by : Henri Storck

Animated film (objects and figurines)


Negative turned to dust


35mm/B and W/10’/1930